Midnight Mac

Every now and again, our beloved CEO will pull a shenanigan from his hat and place some of his favorite products on sale. And because he is our CEO, he doesn't care how much the products actually cost. All he cares about is slashing prices to their lowest, as if he owns the company—but then again, he does own the company. Some of us revel in his rebellious repertoire, but not the accountants.

Our accounting department frowns on such careless and unhinged behavior, and like many coup of old, they plan to put a stop to our CEO's yeti behavior (yeti in terms of ruthless and barbaric price slashing, thank you very much).

But here's the thing, our beloved ruler and CEO rather enjoys this cat-and-mouse game he plays with our poor accountants. And it makes him smile uncontrollably—imagine how creepy this can be—when he sees how his yeti actions resonate positively among our customers. Because let's face it, who doesn’t want to buy Apple products for CHEAP.

So here's the deal, our CEO only has time to slash the price of one item a day. We call this event Midnight Mac since our deal changes only at midnight (go figure). So what are you waiting for? Buy now, for tomorrow is a new day (and that means a new deal). Don’t say we didn't warn you.

Carpe nocte multum (Roughly translated, seize the midnight deal—or maybe, catch the midnight thief, we're not quite sure.)